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Tommy Chong | Livin' By Example, Man

On this episode of The Story & Craft Podcast, we sit down with comedian, musician, actor, writer, director , entrepreneur and cannabis advocate, Tommy Chong. It’s a great chat where we touch on his career on stage and screen,...

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George Stevens, Jr. | A Place in The Sun

On this episode of The Story & Craft Podcast, we sit down with Hollywood legend, George Stevens, Jr. He has enjoyed a seventy year career as a writer, producer and director. He also founded the American Film Institute (AFI) ...

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Asha Michelle Wilson | Mastering The Blinking Cursor

On this episode of The Story & Craft Podcast, we sit down with Asha Michelle Wilson . Asha is an actor, screenwriter and showrunner. She’s written for shows such as FX’s Archer and American Horror Story , as well as Netflix...

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Billy Magnussen | The Zen of The Nomadic Actor

This week on The Story & Craft Podcast, we sit down with the epic talented and versatile actor, Billy Magnussen . He’s been working for years in film, TV and is a Tony nominated stage actor. We chat about his new HBO film, ...

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Chris Baker | Creating Your Own Story

This week on The Story & Craft Podcast, we sit down with actor and writer, Chris Baker. He has made a name for himself on YouTube. Now, he’s beginning to break out with his first feature length film, The Estate. He wrote a...

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Ariel Vromen | Maestro of Stories & Beats

This week on Story & Craft , I sit down with movie director, Ariel Vromen. Ariel is an intriguing guy with a great story. He has directed movies such as Criminal, The Iceman and The Angel. He has directed some of Hollywood...

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Billy Bob Thornton & The Boxmasters

This week on Story & Craft , we sit down with Academy Award and Golden Globe winner, Billy Bob Thornton. Billy needs no introduction, as he’s been on the scene for quite a while. His body of work is extensive, and includes ...

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Craig Shoemaker | A Prescription for Laughter

This week on Story & Craft, we launch our debut episode with one of the funniest guys I know.  Craig Shoemaker is a comedian, actor, writer, producer, author and entrepreneur.  He’s known by many as “The Lovemaster”, and has garnered a large following through his decades as a touring act, as well as through his specials on Comedy Central, Showtime, Netflix and Amazon Prime.  He has received high praise and recognition throughout his career, including a couple of Emmys and an American Comedy Award.  He’s now bringing the funny to offer up laughter as medicine.  We celebrate the lives of Bob Saget and Louie Anderson, chat about the healing powers of “the funny”...and much more!