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Ernie Hudson | Ghostbusting & Quantum Leaps

Sept. 22, 2022

On this episode of The Story & Craft Podcast, we sit down with actor, Ernie Hudson. From his early work on television, to Ghostbusters, Miss Congeniality and Oz , Ernie has been a fixture on television and film for over fift…

Guest: Ernie Hudson
TV Host Chef Entrepreneur

Andrew Zimmern | Ambassador of Culinary Connections

Sept. 14, 2022

On this episode of The Story & Craft Podcast, we sit down with chef, TV host and world traveler , Andrew Zimmern . We covered his early years and how he traversed difficult times as a young adult. Then, became one of the m…


Brec Bassinger | Lone Star Girl

Sept. 1, 2022

On this episode of The Story & Craft Podcast, we sit down with actor, Brec Bassinger . She plays Courtney Whitmore (Stargirl) on the CW Network show, Stargirl . We chatted about career, what it was like growing up in Texas…

Producer Actor

Garret Dillahunt | Getting Sprung

Aug. 23, 2022

On this episode of The Story & Craft Podcast, we sit down with actor , Garret Dillahunt. In addition to being a seasoned stage actor who has spent some time on Broadway, Garret has also been lending his talents to film and t…

Director Writer Actor Musician Comedian Entrepreneur

Tommy Chong | Livin' By Example, Man

Aug. 10, 2022

On this episode of The Story & Craft Podcast, we sit down with comedian, musician, actor, writer, director , entrepreneur and cannabis advocate, Tommy Chong. It’s a great chat where we touch on his career on stage and screen…

Guest: Tommy Chong
TV Host Chef Entrepreneur Philanthropist

Robert Irvine | A Life of Food & Service

July 29, 2022

On this episode of The Story & Craft Podcast, we sit down to talk story with Chef, TV Host, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Robert Irvine . He is likely most known for his work on his Food Network shows, Dinner Impossible …

Guest: Robert Irvine

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Marc Preston

Film/Voiceover Actor & Coach | Podcast Host | Epic Proud Father

Marc Preston has spent the last thirty years working as a professional on-camera and voiceover actor. He’s voiced countless projects on his journey, from national advertising campaigns, to network promos and everything in between. Beyond his work on the mic, he’s spent a fair amount of time on-camera. From the time he was seven years old, he’s appeared in a variety of film and television projects.

Marc also spent two decades as a successful major market radio personality, as well as hosted his own nationally syndicated shows on the ABC Radio Networks. He has interviewed hundreds of actors, creators, politicians, influencers and a host of intriguing guests in his time as a radio host.

For the past two decades, Marc has taken this bank of experience and shared it with hundreds of voiceover students from around the world. As a voiceover coach and consultant, he’s worked with a variety of talented performers. He’s been sought out by numerous films and television actors, and been instrumental in helping them to effectively bridge their acting skillset to voiceover.

Marc embraces every opportunity to “pay it forward” and be of service to talent at every level of experience. He founded one of the largest social media portals in the world for voiceover professionals. “The VoiceOver Community” (and Facebook group of the same name) provides a daily resource for tens of thousands of talent to connect, collaborate, learn and enjoy a sense of community with fellow voiceover professionals.

In addition to his own efforts, Marc has also been honored with the opportunity to collaborate with the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences as a Juror for the Voice Arts Awards. He is also a regular speaker at the annual That’s Voiceover conference in Los Angeles. As an influencer in the world of professional voiceover, Marc is regularly asked to be a guest on various podcasts and industry publications.

Marc believes in the imperative of being a “working student.” Learning and evolving as a professional talent is essential. Equally important to Marc, is the opportunity to mentor, contribute and help inspire others. It’s this passion that motivates him to provide a venue for intriguing and informative conversations with guests who are at the top of their creative and professional game.

The founding principle of Story & Craft is to craft weekly shows that appeal to industry professionals, as well as those looking for the kind of entertainment and inspiration that feeds curiosity and facilitates personal growth. Marc believes in the Zen of talking story…exploring what we have in common, and having conversations that inspire.