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The Story...in a Sentence: A place for intriguing conversations with notable storytellers, creatives and those that are masters of their craft. 

The Full Story: Story & Craft is Marc Preston’s venue for offering up entertaining, insightful and inspiring conversations.  Marc has spent three decades as a successful actor, voiceover talent, coach and influencer and major market/syndicated radio host.  He’s endlessly curious and enjoys great conversations that inspire.  Each episode, Marc welcomes film, television and voiceover actors, storytellers, influencers and creative personalities that have intriguing points of view to offer.  Marc’s unique interview style provides insight into the origins of what made his guests successful, as well as how they stay at the top of their game.  Whether you work in the industry, or simply enjoy great conversation, you’re invited to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a sit down with Marc and his guests as they talk story, share a moment and inspire.

Episode Details

  • Schedule: Weekly episodes are published on Thursdays.  Each episode features Marc Preston interviewing an actor, entertainment industry professional, or another notable creative that has enjoyed success in their genre. 

  • Length: 45-60 minutes.

  • Format: The first few minutes of each episode, Marc will cover relevant announcements and sometimes offer brief lifestyle and personality driven commentary.  There will then be a 2-3 ad pre-roll.  Time is also allotted for a mid-roll break for ads, as well as post-roll ad break that follows the conclusion of the interview.  The post roll is inclusive of sponsor reminders, links and show credits.

  • Distribution:  Story & Craft is available on the majority of the podcast listening channels/apps, as well as on https://www.StoryAndCraftPod.com. 

  • Recent Guests: https://www.storyandcraftpod.com/guests/

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The Story & Craft Team:

Host | Creator | Executive Producer:  Marc Preston

Associate Producer:  Zachary Holden

Voice of The Show:  Emma Dylan

Graphic Designer:  Bela Kollar


Marc Preston

Marc Preston (Host & Executive Producer)

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Marc Preston has spent the last thirty years working as a professional voiceover talent and actor.  He’s voiced countless projects on his journey, from national advertising campaigns, to network promos and everything in between.  Beyond his work on the mic, he’s spent a fair amount of time on-camera.  From the time he was seven years old, he’s appeared in a variety of film and television projects. 

For the past two decades, Marc has taken this bank of experience and shared it with hundreds of voiceover students from around the world.  As a voiceover coach and consultant, he’s worked with a variety of talented performers.  He’s been sought out by numerous films and television actors, and been instrumental in helping them to effectively bridge their acting skillset to voiceover.

Marc also spent two decades as a major market radio talent, as well as hosted his own nationally syndicated shows on the ABC Radio Networks.  Click here for a sample of Marc's work and interviews on his most recent ABC show:

ABC Radio Network

Marc has interviewed hundreds of actors, creators, politicians, influencers and a host of intriguing guests in his time as a radio host.  Here’s a short list of some of the talented people that have sat down with Marc throughout his career:

Alton Brown Arnold Schwarzenegger Belinda Carlisle
Bill Paxton Brendan Fraser Brian Regan
Britney Spears Craig Shoemaker Edie McClurg
James Cameron Jamie Lee Curtis Jon Favreau
Kirk Cameron Patrick Dempsey Philip Oakey
President George W. Bush Ray Liotta Richard Marx
Rick Springfield Tom Arnold Nolan Ryan

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